Deploying your Azure Infrastructure with Terraform

Myself and Abel Wang talk about the benefits of Terraform and show you how to deploy onto Azure in a few easy steps. Terraform has many benefits and I find that most users can quickly adopt it and find it much easier to use over ARM templates. It’s also multi-cloud capable! Watch below:

2 thoughts on “Deploying your Azure Infrastructure with Terraform”

  1. Hi April,
    Following our conversation in MS Ignite the tour in London about my current project with Terraform. As per my understanding from my team, there are some Azure resources we can’t create them using Terraform. So, what my team is doing is creating ARM template and call that from Terraform for those resources. Example of those types, Logic App connectors, Azure ASE. So, my question do we miss something or is there something we expect to come from Terraform or this something missing from Azure? Another question is my team approach for creating ARM template for those resources that doesn’t support by Terraform is a good idea or you have a better suggestion?

    Thanks in Advance!


    1. Hi Mohamed! That’s the best way for now. There was a new release lately of AzureRM 2.0. have a look there. Else we can submit some feedback to help


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