DevOps Interview with a local Microsoft MVP

Microsoft is a massive organization with so many talented people, but there is also a massive technical community outside of Microsoft filled with subject matter experts and technical rockstars.  I am really fortunate to work with the people that I do day to day, but also to interact with the wider community.  Our partners and customers are closest to the technology day to day and provide such useful feedback on our products.

Microsoft has a massive MVP (Most Valuable Professional) program across the world.  These people are technology experts in their fields and are amazing at sharing amongst the community.  One of the best experiences I have had as of late, is touring around on Microsoft Ignite the Tour across various cities.  In each city I’ve met and spoken to so many MVPs. I am truly inspired by their knowledge and what they are doing to contribute to the community: blogging, videos, running local user groups, sharing on social media, etc.

Recently, I’ve had the absolute pleasure to be interviewed with a local MVP, Mohamed Radwan. Mohamed works for a London based partner and has a great social media and blog presence.  We met up at Ignite the Tour London and did a little interview.  Check out what great work Mohamed is doing in the community:

Mohamed’s Blog:

YouTube Channel:

Mohamed and I caught up and chatted about the cloud, DevOps, and a lot more.  Check out the video below:

For the infrastructure crowd, check out Mohamed’s interview with my wicked awesome Canuck colleague Pierre Roman

1 thought on “DevOps Interview with a local Microsoft MVP”

  1. Hi April, I am really speechless. I start receiving messages from many people and many of them are women thanking me for the interview. On behalf of them. Really THANK YOU!
    Please keep up the amazing work you are doing!


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