Securing your Azure App Service with vNet’s and Service Endpoints

When I meet with a customer and we talk about migrating their apps into Azure there is always discussion around how to secure their applications in the cloud.  Your application can consist of a simple website with a database or even something that requires a multi-tiered architecture.  Most customers look to take advantage of PaaS… Continue reading Securing your Azure App Service with vNet’s and Service Endpoints

Datacentre Modernization with N4Stack

For customers there are many triggers that initiate discussions about the cloud.  Things such as a datacentre contract expiration, capacity requirements, software/hardware refresh, or even driving application innovation.  Any of these triggers are valid and it's important to know how to approach cloud adoption. Many customers have to make the decision to rehost, refactor, rearchitect,… Continue reading Datacentre Modernization with N4Stack